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300W Wind Turbine Generator

300W wind turbine components
Nylon fiber body, synchronous permanent magnet generator.
300W wind turbine components
Oxidation of the wheel hub. Flange connection is more secure.
300W wind turbine components
Dual-bearing design, low vibration, run more smoothly.

Product Description:

The products are used in areas that benefit from good wind regimes but have little or no electrical grid connection such as; islands, desert and low inhabitation areas, frontier defence posts, microwave and telephone communication stations, forest observation posts, oil pipeline delivery stations, highway lighting etc.

Rural and urban applications include, community squares and recreational areas, parks, landscape and scenic locations, resorts, and other ecological areas, applications also include on or off grid national electrified fencing systems.

The utilisation of wind energy at no on-going cost significantly reduces the environmental impact of fossil fuel usage whilst saving vital energy resource.

Product Characteristic:

Wind energy is used as the motive power to provide low speed rotation of a permanent magnet generator to produce alternating current which is then converted to direct current by a controlled constant voltage rectification system, the resulting voltage being stored in a battery, or batteries.

Ultra low oil consumption: the oil consumption rate is only 2 thousandth of the fuelconsumption rate.

Grid connect systems take the alternating current produced by the turbine directly to an inverter which controls and stabilises the alternating current and also provides numerous control elements for direct connection to the electricity grid.

Standard configuration

1 wind turbine body 2 flange seat 3 steel pipe support 4 wind turbine shaft 5 wind wheel 6 blade 7 locknut 8 fairing 9 bolt 10 flat washer 11 resilient washer 12 nut ; 13 stainless steel screws; 14 locking nuts; 15 rubber pad.

Rated power 300W
Maximum power 310W
Rated voltage 12V/24V
Start-up wind speed 2.0m/s
Rated wind speed 13m/s
Survival wind speed 50m/s
Top net weight 5.6kg
Wheel diameter 1.35m
Number of blades 3
Blades material Nylon fiber
Generator Three phase permanent magnet ac synchronous generator
Magnet NdFeB
Body Material Nylon Fiber
Control system Electromagnet/wind wheel yaw
Speed regulation Automatically adjust windward direction
Working temperature -40℃ - 80℃
300W Wind Turbine/Generator

1. Low start-up speed,high wind power utilization, light,cute, low vibration.

2. Human-friendly design,easy to install and maintain.

3. Blades using reinforced glass fiber, helped with optimized structure and aerodynamic shape, it enhanced wind power coefficient and power generating capacity.

4. Using patented permanent magnet generator and special stator, it effectively reduces torque resistance and guarantees the stability.

Installation Notes:

1. The balde installed in the double holes , stainless stell bolts insert the holes .

2. Use L wrench screw up the every stainless stell bolt .(6pcs or 10pcs )

3. Mount the four flat gaskets on the four bolts , then insert the bolts into the holes corresponding to the flange .

4. the three wires connected the transmission cable , each length of the spliced wire not less than 30mm , fastened the connectors with tape , the lengh is about 100mm.

5. the flange seat installed in the tower , put Flat gasket and elastic gasket , tighten th nylon nut .

6. the nut into the hexagonal hole, in the middle of the hub, placed on the spindle together , with the right hand fixed the wind whell , left hand counter-clockwise rotaing bolt , lock nut .

7. Diversion cover is corresponding to each blades , fasten tight the diversion cover .

8. Before the three wires connection to the controller, please connect the battery to the controller.

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