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Cummins Diesel Engines

Cummins Diesel Engines - A Global Power Leader

Diesel and natural gas engines from 2.8 to 95 litres and 37 to 3281 kW (49 to 4400 hp)

Cummins is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines, building over a million engines a year. Cummins engines and generator sets power a wide range of equipment across many market segments. Cummins has the ability to provide tailored solutions to meet and exceed the needs of its customers.

All Cummins Engines are built with the strength and reliability that have made Cummins a leader for many decades. All engines are fully backed by Cummins global parts and service network. So you can specify Cummins power with complete confidence. Every time.

Cummins Engine

More about Cummins Inc.

Cummins Inc. is a famous manufacturer for diesel and gas engines, a series of high-class generators and various industrial equipment. Cummins engines power cargo ships, dredging vessels, fishing boats, different types of ferries and many more boats within the operational and commercial marine industry. All Cummins engine spare parts and replaceable components are of high quality. They are also sustainable, which means that reconditioned Cummins spares can be cleaned, checked and used again. Read more about the benefits of ordering ship engine parts from Cummins and other brands via Engine Family.

There are M11,NT/NTA-855, KT/KTA/KTTA19,KT/KTA38, KTA/KTTA50, 4BT,6BT, C serials engine in China.

Completely engine details: Down load>>(PDF)

Engine type :4BT,6BT6CTNT855K19K38,K50M11

Engine Type 4BT 6BT 6CT NT855 K19 K38 K50 M11
Bearings and bush
Fuel pumps
Oil pumps
Compressors & parts
Flywheels & vibration dampers
Cylinder liners
Pistons/cylinder assemblies
Cylinder heads & component parts
Connecting rods
Camshafts & valve drive
Long blocks
Bolts & various parts

Cummins Diesel Engines

Why order Cummins engine spare parts via Engine Family?

1. Cummins engines are known for their durability. To ensure maximum lifespan, spare parts need to be replaced by authentic Cummins spares. We are well-stocked in Cummins spares, tools and equipment.

2. We will ship your items to you as fast as possible. You can expect your Cummins engines spare parts to be on a flight within hours.

3. We are on call 24/7 - let us know what item you need, and we'll check our stock for you. We're just a phone call away from finding the right spares.

Cummins Engines Parts List

No. Name Engine type & Part No. Material Unit Price
cylinder block 6BT  3903797
cylinder block 4BT  3802351(3934025)
1 crankshaft 6BT  3907804 steel
1a crankshaft 6BT  3907804 iron cast
2 crankshaft 4BT  3907803 steel
3 crankshaft 4BT  3907803 nodular iron
3a crankshaft 6CT  3917320 steel
3b crankshaft NH steel
3c crankshaft K steel
4 con rod 6BT  3901569 steel
5 flywheel housing 6BT iron
6 flywheel housing B SERIES  3917318SAE3# iron
7 flywheel housing B SERIES  39160391SAE2# iron
8 flywheel housing B SERIES   Z3900120 iron
9 flywheel housing B SERIES   Z390098 iron
10 flywheel housing B SERIES   A3960410 iron
11 flywheel housing B SERIES   Z3900222 iron
12 flywheel housing B SERIES  3903282SAE2# iron
13 flywheel housing B SERIES  3903282 iron
14 flywheel housing C SERIES  3415320SAE2# iron
15 flywheel housing C SERIES  A3960414 iron
16 flywheel housing C SERIES  A3960615 iron
17 flywheel housing C SERIES  3415395 iron
18 flywheel housing C SERIES  3415401 iron
19 flywheel housing 3960489 iron
20 flywheel housing 3913344 iron
21 flywheel housing 3415390 iron
22 flywheel housing 3960668 iron
23 flywheel housing 3960702 iron
24 piston N     3017348
25 piston N     3017349
26 piston N     3048808
26a piston NH220  151860
26b piston NH220  199822
26c piston NH200  200710P
26d piston NT855  215420
26e piston NT855  3051555
27 piston K    3036073
28 piston K  3036074
29 piston K  3070703
30 piston K  3070706
31 piston K  3070707
32 piston K  3070708
33 piston C   3923163
34 piston C   3923164
35 piston C   3919565
36 piston C   3919564
37 piston B   3907163
38 piston 3919041 with pin
39 piston 3928673 with pin
40 piston 3926663 with pin
41 piston 3095740 with pin
41 piston 3044448 with pin
43 piston 3050480 with pin
44 piston 3051553/4/6/7 with pin
Cummins Engine Parts Piston Ring
45 piston ring 6BT 3802230
45a piston ring NT855,NH250, AR3801056
45b piston ring NH220, AR12098
45c piston ring NH220,AR6720
Cummins Spare Parts Cyinder Liner
46 cylinder liner NH250  3055099
46a cylinder liner NH220   184400
47 cylinder liner K19   3202240
48 cylinder liner K38   3022157
49 cylinder liner B     3904166
50 cylinder liner C     3919937
Cummins Engine Parts Cylinder Head
51 cylinder head 6BT    3917287 (high swirl)
51a cylinder head 6BTAA  3934747 (low swirl)
52 cylinder head 4BT    3920005
Cummins Engine Parts Camshaft
53 camshaft 6BT 3907824
53a camshaft 4BT  3914638
54 camshaft NT855  3049024
55 camshaft NT855  3801763
56 camshaft NT855  3023177
57 camshaft K19    3066877
58 camshaft K38    3066884
59 camshaft K38    3066885
60 camshaft L10    3037523
61 camshaft L10    3036117
Cummins Engine Parts Main Bearing & Con Rod Bearing
62 main bearing 4BT 3801020
63 main bearing 6BT 3802070
64 con rod bearing 6BT 3901170
65 main bearing NH 3801260
66 con rod bearing NH 214950
67 main bearing K6 AR12270A
68 con rod bearing K6 205840
69 main bearing KV AR12250
70 con rod bearing KV 3047390
71 main bearing 6CT 3802210
72 con rod bearing 6CT 3901430
Cummins Engine Parts Fuel Pump & Fuel Injector
73 fuel transfer pump 6BT 3904374
74 injection pump 6BT
75 starter 6BT
76 hydraulic pump 6BT
77 oil pump 6BT
78 fly wheel housing 6BT
79 damper 6BT
80 fly wheel 6BT
81 air compressor 6BT
82 belt tensioner 6BT
83 flywheel gear NH 4797
84 NH 4851
85 K 422350
86 K 5566
87 K 124507
88 6BT
89 6CT
Cummins Engine Parts Cooler System
90 valve lock 3900250
91 intake valve kit 3802355
92 exhaust valve kit 3802356
93 water pump A3960342
94 oil cooler A3921558
95  oil cooler A3921557
96 belt tensioner 3914086
97 belt tensioner 3922900
98 belt tensioner 3400885
99 belt tensioner A3924026

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Cummins is a leading global power solution provider. Cummins diesel engines are widely used in road vehicles such as light, medium and heavy trucks, passenger cars, as well as off-highway equipment such as construction machinery, mining, agriculture, ships, oil and gas fields, railways, and generator sets. We supply a full range of Cummins products at competitive prices.


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