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Pencil injector

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Common Rail Fuel Injector. Pioneer In Energy Saving And Emission Reduction.

We specialize in diesel engines and engine components: nozzles, barrels and plungers, delivery valves, fuel injectors and fuel injection pumps, and are renowned in the field of diesel fuel injection.

The diesel's fuel injection system is home to the most complex components in your engine. Improper parts, maintenance, and care of your diesel fuel injection system can cause complete failure! Our product offering spans fuel injection parts, pumps, nozzles, injectors, exchange units and test equipment for diesel service centers.

We can supply fuel injection pump, fuel injector, suction delivery valves, nozzle, fuel injection nozzel, injection plunger, injection barrels which made by Bosch, stanadyne, OMT, Delphi China factory.

Diesel engine spare parts pencil injector from China

Pakage Items Type Stamping No.
CAT PencilNozzle 22808 22808
CAT PencilNozzle 22365 22365
CAT PencilNozzle F237 F237
CAT PencilNozzle RN/005 RN/005
CAT PencilNozzle 1W5829 1W5829
CAT PencilNozzle 7N0449 7N0449
CAT PencilNozzle 22762 22762
CAT PencilNozzle 33408 33408
CAT 9N2366 9N2366
CAT PencilNozzle 8N7005 8N7005
CAT PencilNozzle 27353 27353
STANADYNE PencilNozzle 26632 26632
STANADYNE PencilNozzle 26964 26964
STANADYNE PencilNozzle 27333 27333
STANADYNE PencilNozzle 27336 27336
CAT PencilNozzle 20494 20494
CAT PencilNozzle 28481 28481
CAT PencilNozzle 28485 28485
CAT PencilNozzle 29279 29279
CAT PencilNozzle 32262 32262
CAT PencilNozzle 4W7017 4W7017
CAT PencilNozzle 4W7018 4W7018
CAT PencilNozzle 4W7022 4W7022
CAT PencilNozzle 7N0449 7N0449
CAT PencilNozzle 7W7038 7W7038
CAT Plunger 7W5929 7W5929
CAT PencilNozzle 4W7016 4W7016
CAT PencilNozzle 4W7015 4W7015
CAT PencilNozzle 170-5183 170-5183
CAT Plunger 6N7527 6N7527

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